Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Theology /Sexual Ethics: Catholic

"Theology" and "Church Teaching" are here used very broadly. The books listed are not necessarily in accordance with church teaching - some may not be recognised as theology at all by traditional theologians. (The list includes titles from the emerging disciplines of queer theology and indecent theology, as well as more familiar approaches). Nor should listing be taken as recommendation - that depends very much on your own staring point. But all are serious, respected contributions from a Catholic perspective. Follow the links to find out more.

(This is a new site. Some of these titles do not yet have full descriptions, but be assured I am working them. Patience, please.)

Alison, James: Faith Beyond Resentment 2001, 239 pages
Althaus - Reid: The Queer God
Althaus - Reid: Indecent Theology
Althaus - Reid: Sexual Theologian
Cleaver: Know My Name 1995, 161 pages
Comstock & Henking: Que(e)ryig Religion
Davies & Loughlin: Sex These Days
Goss: Jesus Acted Up

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