Sunday, 26 July 2009

STUART, E & THATCHER, A: People of Passion

What the Churches Teach about Sex
Mowbray, 1997
295 pages
Sexual Ethics, Christian History.

People of Passion is about what Christians are saying now, and have said in the past, about sex. It provides a basic theological resource for people who want to explore issues about sex and sexuality from a Christian point of view, but feel they need a perspective on the historical background and contemporary developments.
First, it enables clergy minister and priests to deal with pastoral situations related to sexuality. Second, with Christianity and sexuality appearing regularly on the curriculum of universities, colleges, seminaries and schools throughout the world, it provides and indispensable guidebook. Easy to read, it maps out the terrain and sketches the contours of contemporary controversies. Third, it is an authoritative source for professional people outside the churches who need to keep in touch with contemporary developments in Christian teaching about issues to do with sex and sexuality.

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