Sunday, 26 July 2009

STRASSER, M: Defending Same-Sex Marriage

Praeger Frederick A, 2006

888 pages
Today we find ourselves at a crossroads of two powerful, unrelenting currents that are completely at odds with one another. The movement for legal recognition of same-sex unions has gone beyond the "separate but equal" status of civil unions to demand equality in marriage for all couples. This book is part of a three-volume set which clarifies the legal, political, religious, cultural, and social ramifications of same-sex marriage for gay and lesbian couples and their families and friends, and for the general public interested in the future of civil rights in the United States.

Volume 2: Our Family Values: Same-Sex Marriage and Religion, edited by Traci C. West, contains an array of religious traditions, practices, and leaders that support same-sex marriage, and describes the struggles for its recognition within denominations, including analysis of racial dynamics.

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