Saturday, 25 July 2009

TANIS: Trans gendered

Tanis, Justin Edward
Trans gendered
Theology, Ministry and Communities of Faith

"A transgendered clergyperson seeks to explore the spiritual nature of transgendered persons, to listen to the stories of others like himself, and to give a positive voice to the community"
"Anyone dealing with theological issues and gender identity must read this book. Dr. Tanis provides the reader with a solid argument about the validity of gender variant people in our chrches and in our society through the use of personal stories of his journey and the journey of others as well as solid scriptural evidence. If you are grappling with your own gender identity or if you are trying to understand the gender identity of someone in your life this book will open your eyes in ways you could have never imagined. Be prepared to encounter new found courage and strength within its pages. Dr. Tanis also provides an excellent introduction to the transgender experience from a cultural as well as religious stand point. He breaks down the issues surrounding gender identity in simplistic terms so that the reader does not already have to be well versed in queer theory in order to hear his message. I strongly recommend this book."

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