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POMFRET: Since My Last Confession

, Scott:
Since My Last Confession
Arcade Publishing, 2008

288 pages

Catholic, gay male, Church practice, Gay Marriage, Memoir

"From same-sex marriage rallies to pedophile priest scandals, 'Since my Last Confession' maps with matchless humour the full spectrum of the gay catholic experience- from one end of the rainbow to the other. Listen in as Scott learns a thing or two about love and compassion from Father McSlutty. a promiscuous gay priest; Jezebel, Scott's ultra-Catholic sister-in-law; Father Bear-Daddy, the Shrine's hirsute holy terror; and the three Hale Marys. Then join Scott on his brave crusade to convince his arch-nemesis, Cardinal O/Malley, to invite him to serve at a weekly Mass.

Along the way, you'll learn how to detect a gay Catholic, how to get excommunicated from the comfort of your living room in three easy steps, why the sabbath should be on Friday (Sunday is for brunch) , and what a nice erotic writer is doing in a mean church like this. "
- From the cover flap.

"A heartbreaking cry of pain and a delicious howl of laughter, Since My Last Confession is a complete delight. Trying to make sense of the insane, hypocritical and murdersously ironic stances the Catholic Church takes - often articulated by gay, sexually active, priests - Pomfret isn't a recovering Catholic - it's the benighted men who ahve so sadly mismanaged the roman Catholic Church who are going to have to recover from this funny, heartfelt and insightful memoir."
- Michael Bronski, author Pulp Friction

"An extraordinary mixture of sheer love, tender-heartedness, cussedness, and hilarity that delivers in spades."
- James Alison, Catholic priest, theologian and author Faith Beyond Resentment.


My own review at Queering the Church

User reviews from Google books:

User Review - Josh Kilmer-Purcell, best-selling author of I Am Not Myself These Days
Scott Pomfret is the patron saint of devilish wit. With unabashed introspection that borders on the sacrilegious, Since My Last Confession artfully demonstrates a heartfelt faith in God and humanity that, frankly, the world could use a lot more of. Really a great read.
User Review - Philadelphia City Paper
With a wicked sense of humor . . . Pomfret mines his religion for all that it's worth. And, as any semi-practicing Catholic can attest, there's plenty of material. . . . Of course, there are many serious moments, too.

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