Sunday, 26 July 2009

SCHIDLO & DRESCHER:Sexual Conversion Therapy

Shidlo, Ariel & Drescher,Jack
Sexual Conversion Therapy

"In their fervour to "fix homosexuals, practitioners of conversion therapies ahve often overlooked or completely dismissed the possilbe psychological and social side effects of such treatments. Sexual Conversion Therapy: Ethical, Clinical and Research Perspectives works to countebalance the clinical and ethical ommissions of opverzealous therapists who have appeared, at times, to focus on efficay and outcome at the expense of their patients well-being."

"THIS IS AN IMPORTANT BOOK... AN INVALUABLE RESOURCE FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDERS AND POLICY-MAKERS. This book gives voice to those men and women whoi have experienced the painful, degrading and unsuccessful conversion therapy and survuved. The ethics and misuses of conversion therapy practice are well documented, as are the harmful side effects."

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