Tuesday, 4 August 2009

JORDAN: The Invention of Sodomy

Jordan, Mark D.
The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology
University of Chicago Press, 1998

200 pages

Catholic, History, Theology, Homosexuality, Gay Male

Recommended and widely commended, but academic and not easy to read.

"In this reexamination of what it means to have a tradition, Catholic and otherwise, Mark D. Jordan offers a powerful and provocative study of the sin of erotic love between men. The Invention of Sodomy reveals the theological fabrication of arguments for categorizing genital acts between members of the same sex."
-Google Books

Chapter Headings:

A Prelude After Nietsche
- The Responsibilities of a History of Sodomy
  1. The Passion of St Pelagius
  2. The Discovery of Sodomy
  3. Peter Damian - Books in Gomorrah
  4. Alan of Lille - Natural Artifices
  5. The Care of Sodomites
  6. Albert the Great - The Sodomitic Physiology
  7. Thomas Aquinas - The sin against Nature
A Postlude After St Ambrose
- The Responsibilities of a Theology of Sodomy


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