Thursday, 6 August 2009

HELMINIAK: Sex and the Sacred

Helminiak, Daniel
Sex and the Sacred

Catholic, Spirituality, Lesbian & Gay

Strongly Recommended


Foreword: Moderator Troy D Perry.
Preface & Acknowledgements

  1. The spiritual Dimension of the Lesbian & Gay Experience
  2. A Spiritual Lesson from the AIDS Epidemic
  3. Sexuality and Spirituality: Friends, Not Foes
  4. Sexual self-Acceptance and Spiritual Growth
  5. Sexual Pathways to Spiritual Growth
  6. Sexual Ethics Without Religion
  7. The Right and Wrong of Sex, Queer and Otherwise
  8. The Spiritual Crisis in Religion and Society
  9. Jesus, a Model for Coming Out
  10. The Trinitarian Vocation of the gay Community
  11. Homosexuality in Catholic Teaching and Practice
  12. Gay Marriage: A Response to the Vatican
  13. Why Biblical Literalism is Not Christian
  14. The Bible, Homosexuality and Christianity
  15. Gay Bashing and 9/11 Terrorism: Religious Perversion

Appendix: A statement of Spirituality

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