Monday, 10 August 2009


Essays on Theology, Sexuality and Society
Sheffield Academic Press

223 pages

"What has been lost, what has been gained, in replacing sexual orthodoxy with the 'heresies' of postmodern sexualities? In the recent past-even within living memory-sex has usually been a matter of monogamous heterosexual marriage and the procreation of children. Other sexual practices were seen as deviations from the 'patriarchal' norm. Today things are different, and western liberal societies promote and celebrate a growing multiplicity of sexual, familial and procreational practices and relationships. Nine writers assess the directions in which our societies are being led."


Tina Beattie: teaches feminist theology at the University of Bristol
Jon Davies: Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies , University of Newcastle on Tyne
Norman Davies: Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow, Department of Religious Studies , University of Newcastle on Tyne
Janette Gray RSM: A Sister of Mercy currently undertaking doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge; author of Neither Escaping nor Exploiting Sex: Women's Celibacy
Gerard Loughlin: Senior Lecturer, Head of Department of Religious Studies, University of Newcastle on Tyne
Phillip Mellor: Lecturer in Religious Studies, Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds.
Chris Shilling: Senior Research Fellow, Depatment of Cultural and Historical Studies, University of Portsmouth
Alan Storkey: Chair of Movement for Christian Democracy, author of Marriage and its Modern Crisis: Reparing Married Life.
Elizabeth Stuart: Senior Lecturer, University of Glamorgan; co-editor of the journal, Theology and Sexuality.
Adrian Thatcher: Professor and Director of Centre for Chrisitan Theology and Education, Uni versity College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth.
Linda Woodhead: Lecturer in Religious studies, University of Lancaster

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