Tuesday, 11 August 2009

COLEMAN: Homosexuality

Coleman, Gerald
Homosexuality - Catholic Teaching and Pastoral Practice

From the back cover:

"Father Coleman consistently displays a reverence for the complexity of this issue, but a respect that is "wise", grounded in the Church's authentic wisdom about the meaning of morality, and here specifically about the meaning of sexual morality. On a subject as difficult and at times as controverted as homosexuality, one does not always find the calm and the balance seen in"Homosexuality: Catholic Teaching and Pastoral Practice" ...When readers complete this book, they will fnd an attitude to wards homosexual women and men that is honest, respectful and grounded in fine scholarship and research."

(Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Archbishop of Los Angeles)

"An in-depth, thorough and respectful presentation of the Catholic position on homosexuality, from a theological and pastoral perspective."

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