Saturday, 1 August 2009

MOORE: A Question of Truth

A Question of Truth : Christianity and Homosexuality[Photo]
(Continuum Books, 2003)From the back cover:” A near incontrovertible demonstration that the antiathy of the Roman Catholic Church to homosexuality has no basis in scriture or the natural law. Cogently argued, elegantly written and brilliantly researched.” (Ben Summerskill, CE, Stonewall)“In “A Question of Truth”, Gareth Moore, a Dominican priest, challenges the teaching of the Catholic Church on its own grounds. He scrutinizes the Church’s arguments, which are based on both the Bible and natural law, and finds them wanting. He subjects the Church’s beliefs to a meticulous and scholarly examination and concludes that there are no good arguments…against what have come to be known as homosexual relationships”.Recommended by QTC;
Listed by Martin Pendergast(Scripture, Theology, Sexuality)


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