Thursday, 4 March 2010

NAPHY, William: Born To be Gay

A History of Homosexuality

“A global history of the lives of gay men and women from the earliest civilizations to the present day.”

Homosexuality ahs always been present in society.  William Naphy’s book dramatically highlights the positive attitudes of bygone generations and cultures, as opposed to nineteenth century views of the “disease” of homosexuality.

There has long been an assumption in the West that views on sex and sexuality are basically similar worldwide.  This has never been the case.  Many ancient cultures actively promoted same-sex relationships as an integral part of adolescence or even worship. The rise of Judeo-Christian views forced homosexuality “underground”, leading to Henry VIII’s 1535 ban on homosexuality and Oscar Wilde’s imprisonment for sodomy.

Born to Be Gay takes a radical look at homosexuality from Bacchanalian orgies to “Gay Pride”.




Before Sodom and Gomorrah
”Joined in Life, Joined in Death

The Birth of Homophobia
”They Must Be Put to Death”

Classical Civilizations and the Birth of Christianity
”Every Woman’s Husband and Every Man’s Wife”

Closing Minds
”The Amir Wants to See What I Look Like When I’m Sodomised

Spreading Christian Values
”Because the White People Thought it was Evil”

Colonizing Minds
”They Had Grown From Childhood in Their Own Natural Way”.

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