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DUBERMAN, Martin; CHAUNCEY, George; VICINUS, Martha: Hidden From History,

Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past

New American Library 1989
Penguin 1991

579 pages

Lesbian and Gay History
Winner of two Lambda Rising Awards. "A landmark of a book and a landmark of ideas that will shatter ignorance and delusion."-Catharine Stimpson

Introduction George Chaunsy Jnr, Martin Duberman, Martha Vicinus
The Ancient World
Revolutions, Universals and Sexual Categories: John Boswell
Sex Before Sexuality: Pederasty, Politics and Power in Classical Athens: David M Halperin
Sexual Matters: Rethinking Sexuality in History
Preindustrial Societies
Lesbian Sexuality in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Judith C Brown
Homosexuality and the state in Late Imperial China: Vivien W Ng
Lesbians in American Indian Culture: Paula Gunn Allen
Male Love in Early Modern Japan:  A Literary depiction of the “Youth”  Paul Gordon Schalow
The Birth of the Queen: Sodomy and the Emergence of Gender Equality in Modern Culture,1660 – 1750 Randolph Trumbach
Sodomy in the Dutch Republic in the Eighteenth Century: Arend H Huussen, Jnr.
The Nineteenth Century
“Writhing Bedfellows” in Antebellum South Carolina: Historical Interpretation and the Politics of Evidence  Martin Duberman
Knights Errant and Gothic Seducers:  The Representation of Male Friendship in Mid-Nineteenth Century America Robert K Martin
“She Even Chewed Tobacco”: A Pictorial Narrative of Passing Women in America  San Francisco Lesbian and Gay History Project
Inverts, Perverts and Mary-Anns: Male Prostitution and the Regulation of Homosexuality in England in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Gefffrey Weeks
Distance and Desire:  English Boarding School Friendships, 1879 – 1920  Martha Vicinus
Early Twentieth Century
Iconography of a Scandal: Political Cartoons and the Eulenberg Affair in Wilhelmin Germany Jame D. Steakley
Discourses of Subjectivity:  The New Woman, 1870 – 1936  Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
The Mythic Mannish Lesbian:  Radclyffe Hall and the New Woman Esther Newton
Christian Brotherhood or Sexual Perversion? Homosexual Identities and the Construction of Sexual Boundaries in the the World war I Era  Geoffrey Chauncey, Jnr
A Spectacle in Color: The Lesbian and Gay Subculture of Jazz age Harlem  Eric Garber
Paris Lesbianism and the Politics of Reaction , 1900 – 1940: Shari Benstock
Russia’s Gay Literature and Culture:  The Impact of the October Revolution Simon Karlinsky
Swastika, Pink Triangle and Yellow Star: the Destruction of Sexology and the Persecution of Homosexuals in Nazi Germany
Erwin J Haeberle
World War II and the Postwar Era
Marching to a Different Drummer: Lesbian and gay GI’s in World War II Allen Berube
“Imagine my Surprise”: Women’s Relationships in Mid –Twentieth Century America Leila J Rupp
Migrancy and Male Sexuality on the South African Gold Mines T Dunbar Moodie (with Vivienne Ndatshe and British Sibuyi)
Homosexuality, Homophobia and Revolution:Notes towards an Understanding of the Cuban Lesbian and  Gay Male Experience. Lourdes Arguelles and B. Ruby Rich
Gay Politics and Community in San Francisco Since WWII John D’Emilio

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