Friday, 4 September 2009

My Holiday Reading: Gay Religious Books

It has been a long time since I have felt able to spend any money on new books, so I was delighted over the last few weeks to find that I have been able to stock up, in two batches.

These are my new acquisitions, from which I will be selecting my holiday reading:

Bernadette Brooten: Love Between Women.

I was delighted to find this on the shelves of Foyle's yesterday, as it has long been on my wanted list. John Boswell and many other of the best known writers have a clear male bias, for which Brooten is often quoted as a female balance. However, she is also much more than just Boswell's female counterpart: she has a formidable reputation of her own for the quality of her scholarship. Her book appeared well after Boswell's,and quickly established itself as an equal classic. I look forward to reading her work for myself.

Chris Glaser: Coming Out as Sacrament

I have already had a quick read of this, and quoted from it here, but I definitely want to have another look and to digest it more slowly.

Marcella Althaus-Reid: The Queer God

This writer has intrigued me, ever since I read of her work in Elisabeth Stuart's helpful guide, Gay & Lesbian Theologies. I am expecting this book, which comes out of a starting point of Latin American liberation theology and queer theology, to be radically different, provocative and challenging. I do not expect to completely agree with her, but do fully expect to have my mental boundaries heavily pushed.

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